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Design with Light Hurricane lantern

Create a cosy atmosphere all year round with this Design With Light Hurricane lantern. Maria Berntsen designed this portable lantern for indoor and outdoor use. The glass and steel lantern has a beautiful butt leather strap. The lantern stands 12.7" high. Hang it from a tree outside on a balmy summer evening on the patio, or place it in the stairwell as a warm welcome for your visitors. You can also use it to make the hallway cosier, or as a living-room ornament. The robust borosilicate glass is impact-resistant and heat-resistant. The lantern wick is made of carbon fibre with a long burn-time of approximately 5,000 hours. A great gift idea for a special occasion.

Series: Design with Light
Color: Clear
Material: Hand-blown impact-resistant and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Stainless steel and leather.
Height: 13"

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