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Gastrolux Fry Pan Set (3 size options)

Gastrolux Biotan Frying Pans are well known in over 25 countries for their unique and durable “Biotan” non-stick coating and quality base, designed for “healthy, fat free cooking” – you can cook completely without oil; however, you may choose to add a little oil for taste reasons. Ideal for frying vegetables, fish, eggs, meat and poultry. The Set comes in three variants:

$229.90 Regular Price (8" of $99.95 & 10.25" of $129.95) 
$179.95 Set Price

$259.90 Regular Price (9.5" of $119.95 & 11" of $139.95) 
$199.95 Set Price

$279.90 Regular Price (10.25" of $129.95 & 12.5" of $149.95) 
$219.95 Set Price

Unique features:
  • Gastrolux BIOTAN Non-Stick Coating Technology
  • 8mm thick, non-warping base according to DIN
  • Optimal heat distribution and retention
  • Patented, handle fixation according to DIN
  • Stable pouring edge
  • Counter handle
  • Ergonomic handles and knobs. Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • Each product has unique quality control number
  • PFOA and PFOS free


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