Holmegaard | 4802419


Perfection Brandy Glass, 6 Pcs.

The Perfection Brandy Glass that Tom Nybroe created for Holmegaard gives a good brandy the correct treatment and the serving it deserves. There is a short distance from stem to bowl from which the golden drops slowly achieve the right temperature from the heat of your hand. The pouring mark which is the signature of the range is also used on this glass as a stylish design element that shows you clearly where to pour to. A perfect personal gift idea for any lover or connoisseur of brandy – or someone who is in tune with the brandy culture of the moment or maybe you?

Series: Perfection
Color: Clear
Quantity: 6 Pieces
Material: Glass
Height: 5.1"
Volume: 12.2 fl. oz
Please note: Dishwasher-safe up to 130°F

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